Particularly due to some immunological diseases which are known to be prevalent in women, this makes it very hard for the fetus to stick with the mother and continue to grow in the womb of the mother and IVF attempts result in a failure.

Immunotherapy has been applied for many years in our Cyprus Miracle IVF by Dr. Firdevs. As stated earlier, the fact is that it is not a problem known to many, as a result of this; immunological problems have been the major culprit for recurrent failed IVF trials and miscarriages in women.

How is Cyprus Immune Therapy performed?

The procedure kicks off with the treatment of the mother; the serum treatment is applied gradually according to the seriousness of the mother’s condition. The stage which occur prior serum treatment may begin before the day of fertilization, and in some cases, the day of transmission of the embryos continues with the application of serum in the vein pathway. After serum is administered, treatment with drug continues until the baby's heart beats.

Who is an ideal candidate for immune therapy?

Women who have the conditions listed below should go for immune therapy:

Approximately 80% healthy pregnancies have been recorded with our patients who visit us with immune-based, non-cause and recurrent failures.

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