In IVF treatment, all experts consider the development of embryos as the most important step in the process. In this process, there are so many things that must be put into consideration which include the behavior of the embryo, the time of division which must be smooth and it has a significant effect on the way of pregnancy. However, in standard incubator systems that contain the embryos, it is only the division of the embryo and final status can be monitored, so the development of these processes cannot be seen and hence the embryos are considered to be the most developed which are transferred to the mother.

As stated above, in general, the most common problem people face under IVF is not the knowledge of embryos that will result in pregnancy. So, for couples who have just a single chance, especially for the elderly, due to the reserve or the quality of the eggs will not have the chance to try again, choosing the right embryos, pregnancy becomes a vital issue to achieve.

At this moment, in Cyprus Miracle IVF by Dr. Firdevs, this is the only place where you can find the most innovative and most accurate method ever available for couples who want to have children by making use of the IVF method.

With this method known as EmbryoScope, a method that involves continuous monitoring of the embryo; this method of Embryoscope is used for the first time in Cyprus. During this method, the rate at which the embryos develop is monitored at all times and it is easily accessible for understanding how embryo will lead to a successful pregnancy. A special incubator with a continuous monitoring system of embryo development in it, the embryoscope is known to be life-saving for couples.

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How does the EmbryoScope work?

In a case where a large number of embryos are obtained, the embryos are transferred to the mother's womb, this is due to a one-time observation and transfer day. As a result of this, it is not known which embryo has undergone better development, and the IVF process could lead to failure. Couples also thought that future IVF research would have the same negative consequences.

With this new system of embryology, couples no longer attract such negative thoughts. All the changes in the embryo are followed by a special microscope and a camera system. During this monitoring, the effects of the external environment on the embryo are also avoided, this is because the entire stage of the development of the embryo is completely blocked from its contact with the white light. The filtering system, which guarantees constant air purity inside the incubator, is also one of the features that protect the embryo. Therefore, unfavorable conditions such as changes in gas and temperature and direct exposure to light do not affect the embryos.


The examination of the embryo is done in detail without disturbing the environment, the images taken are thoroughly examined, and the cell divisions in the embryo are observed. Thus, embryos that are sensitive to pregnancy are automatically selected and transmitted to mothers.

Couples who had malfunctions due to the quality of embryos during past treatments, which entered our center, managed to increase the risk of pregnancy using this advanced embryonic application at a very high rate. Due to 24 hours of observations of the embryos, the exact time of division is determined. At the onset of the most important points, the risks that may result from human error are reduced to zero.

Unlike other standard incubators, the embryoscope can be used to store a small number of embryos for patients, so in the event that you would like to follow your embryos with embryoscope, you must book your place in advance. Therefore, if you want to use EmbryoScope in your treatment, get in touch with us.






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